Diving Halmahera Indonesia with Proco Island Bambu Resort, all about dive sites in Halmahera.

Halmahera is an amazing place for scuba diving. It’s not overcrowded with tourists and still well preserved. This underpopulated island has clear waters with untouched reefs and a diverse range of plants and animals.

The waters of Halmahera, though not extensively explored, were found to be as diverse as the renowned Raja Ampat. A survey conducted in 2005 identified more than 450 coral species and over 800 fish species in just a few hours. The wider region has nearly 400 islands. It also has deep drop-offs, atolls, pinnacles, and colorful coral gardens. These gardens hide many small creatures like the pygmy seahorse, blue-ringed octopus. In the region, there are big animals like turtles, barracuda schools, batfish, eagle rays, bump-head parrotfish, and graceful manta rays. We have also found a new kind of shark that walks.

If you want to see the beautiful dive spot in Halmahera, you can visit us at Proco Island Bambu Resort in Halmahera. There are more than 40 dive sites and almost as many snorkeling sites around our Proco Halmahera. You can find a wide variety of marine life, including rare and interesting creatures like Rhinopias, blue ring octopuses, and harlequin shrimp. You’ll also see schooling fish, reef sharks, Napoleon wrasse.

Visibility ranges from 15m/50ft to an incredible 40m/130ft. Proco is a place with amazing surprises. Dolphins, dugongs, and even whales can be seen there! Halmahera is a remote place for scuba diving, and the currents can be strong. It is best for experienced divers with at least 50 logged dives. It’s a photographer’s dream! Proco Island Dive Site,

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