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Diving Halmahera

Scuba Diving Halmahera with Proco Island Bambu Resort – There are over 50 dive sites and almost as many snorkeling sites with an incredible array of marine life – rare and interesting creatures like blue ring octopus and pygme seahorse, ghost pipefish,  schooling fishes, reef sharks, napoleon wrasse, group of barracudas

Visibility ranges from 15m close to the wet season and up to 30m during the dry season from June-October. Visibility also changes depends on the tide and current condition. In addition, Proco is a place for remarkable surprises by passing pelagic like dolphins, dugong, even whales! If you are lucky you can see them at our Sunset Bar !

The heart of the Coral Triangle

Untouched healthy reefs, south Halmahera is an outstanding scuba diving destination and is still preserved from mass tourism. Located in the heart of the Coral Triangle, its marine ecosystem and rich biodiversity, with exceptional flora and fauna is still a secret gem with so much to be discovered. Halmahera is quickly brought to become known as one of the best diving destinations!

Proco Housereef

The best housereef ever !

You have unlimited opportunities to explore 900 meters of our stunning house reef! It is an impressive experience for divers and snorkelers. On the reef you will find impressive fish life, schooling fish everyday, a number of interesting critters and an occasional pelagic surprise. We often see the big sharks play around our jetty everyday !

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