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General Questions

When is the best time to visit?
  • We’re a year round destination with daytime temperatures are around 30°C and water temperatures average 28°C. Weather and sea conditions are fairly constant throughout the year with a wet season in the months of November to March. This rain months are windier, which can make the sea choppy but only on the surface, it does not interfere with diving. On the contrary: visibility tends to be the best during this time of the year
  • Prime season is March to December. Visibility tends to be influenced by high plankton concentrations which normally have massive pelagic encounters.
  • Because of our protected location we can operate all year around.
I am not a diver. What can I do during my stay?

For all non diving guests, there’s plenty of fantastic snorkelling around. Just some fin kicks off the shore you can discover the beauty of our two house reefs.

If you like to discover more of the surrounding reefs, we also offer guided snorkelling packages (single trips/half day).

If you need to rent an ABC set we can provide it to you. Please note our supplies are limited, so we kindly ask you to inform us upfront about your needs. We highly recommend to bring  your own set to which you are accustomed to already.

What time of day do I arrive on the island?

Usually you arrive at the resort around 15:00 PM.
If you can`t wait: ready for your first dive in the afternoon.

What time of day do I depart the island?

As a rule of thumb the boats departs Proco island 3 hours before the scheduled flight. Usual departure time is 10:30 am.

Is Wi-Fi available?

Don’t forget you are on a holiday, and we are a remote island. WiFi Internet access is limited only but it is FREE and available at Sunset Bar and our Restaurant only, sometimes week signal.

What about the domestic flights? Can you organize it ?
  • If you book directly with us, you will need to arrange your international flights to Jakarta or Manado.
  • We can help with arranging domestic flights. The booking fee is Euro 15 / ticketWe accept no responsibility for problems with flights: i.e. delays, cancellations, change of schedule, excess luggage fee etc.

    The airline’s terms and conditions apply and liability remains with the airline.

  • Latest 30 days before departure the E-TICKETS will be sent to you via e-mail.
What if my flight is cancelled or delayed?
  • We advise all guests to have travel insurance.
  • In case of flight cancellation or major flight delays and you miss the flight from Ternate to Labuha then you will require a ferry transfer from Ternate to Labuha. Normally this Ferry go to Labuha every night and arrive early in the morning the day after. Our private boat will pick up you in the harbor
What if I get sick or injured?

Your safety and health are of highest importance to us

  • We advise all guests to have travel insurance and for divers it is mandatory to have a dive insurance (ex. DAN), that covers emergency and medical assistance. We kindly ask you to check with your insurance company about cover.
  • We are located in a remote area and your safety and health are of highest importance to us. We recommend that you take all safety precautions. Although we have emergency and first aid equipment, we aim to prevent as many accidents as possible and to minimise risk. The closest hospital is in Labuha
  • The closest hyperbaric chamber is in Malalayang Hospital, Manado. We encourage our divers to dive conservatively, and to stay safely within no-decompression diving limits.
  • We do not issue refunds for unused or partially used dive packages and/or courses due to illness (e.g. ear problems). For compensation of losses due to medical or other problems outside of our control we advice claiming from your travel/dive insurance company or your travel agent.

Getting Here

How do I get to Proco Island Bambu Resort ?

Proco Island Bambu Resort is located in the island of Proco, South Halmahera, North Maluku, and we are the one and only dive resort here on the island, no other else. There are two ways for flight connection to Labuha: one is from Manado and another is from Jakarta. We advice you to go via Manado from Singapore, and then from Manado take direct flight by Wings Air to Labuha and arrive in the same day to the resort. But if you go via Manado you will have to stay overnight in Manado city

How much is luggage surcharged from Manado to Labuha ?

Wings Air is type ATR 600/500 with 80 seats, fly from Manado to Labuha ( via Ternate ) at 09.35 AM and arrive at Labuha airport at 11.30 ( MDC – TTE is 50 minutes flying time and TTE – LAH is 20 minutes flying time ). About Luggage, overweight surcharge is to pay at Manado/Labuha airport, and the payment has to be done in local currency cash:  25.000 IDR/Kg – about 1,70 euro.

How if I fly from Jakarta to Labuha ?

There are several local flights from Jakarta to Labuha via Ternate. You can choose Garuda airlines, Batik airlines or Lion Air. All these flights must go to Ternate before end up to Labuha. At Ternate you have to change flight with Wings Air. If you take Lion Air from Jakarta to Labuha, you will get 20 kilo lugagge free

How long is the fly's time from Jakarta to Labuha ?

The flight time between Soekarno–Hatta (CGK) and Labuha (LAH) is around 8h 30m and covers a distance of around 2391 km. This includes an average layover time of around 3h 27m. Services are operated by Garuda Indonesia, Wings Air, Batik Air and others. Typically 34 flights run weekly, although weekend and holiday schedules can vary so check in advance.

How long does it take from Labuha airport to the Resort?

From Labuha airport to the jetty takes around 25 minutes by car, and from Jetty to Proco Island Bambu Resort takes around 40 minutes long by our speed boat

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