Diving Halmahera Indonesia – with Proco Island Bambu Resort

About scuba diving in Halmahera

Halmahera Indonesia archipelago is in the heart of coral triangle a survey by dr Gerry Allen, a well know coral fish authority recorded of total 803 species of reef fish ( in Halmahera ) in comparison a similar survey conducted in raja ampat recorded 828 species. with over 200 species of reef fish, both area are very high-diversity sites, so we could only imagine how good diving in Halmahera would be 🙂

Diving Halmahera Indonesia with Proco Island Bambu Resort

Proco Island Bambu Resort welcomes you to our secluded island paradise – Proco’s ultimate relaxation and adventure resort and the one and only dive resort on this island. The island is surrounded by palm trees, crystal clear waters and pristine reefs, making it ideal for swimming, diving, snorkeling or just relaxing.

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How to get to Proco Island

Proco Island Bambu Resort is located in the island of Proco, South Halmahera, North Maluku, and we are the one and only diving resort here on the island, no other else. There are two ways for flight connection to Labuha: one is from Manado and another is from Jakarta. We advice you to go via Manado from Singapore, and then from Manado take direct flight by Wings Air to Labuha and arrive in the same day to the resort. But if you go via Manado you will have to stay overnight in Manado city

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